Bold Butterfinger Takes A Dive – Straight Into The Big Game

Butterfinger Super Bowl 2016 announcement

Butterfinger need only invest a mere 4% of their $123.9 million in annual sales to pay for their 30-seconds of glory in Super Bowl 50. Indeed, the buttery, crunch-makers of America’s 19th most popular candy bar have announced that they will be promoting their chocolaty treat during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl 2016.

And boy did they announce it!

Rather than sticking to a traditional press release or a statement from their Chief Marketing Officer, Butterfinger unveiled the news with a skydiving stunt performed by professional Diver, Carson Schram.

The only Nestlé brand to advertise during the Big Game, Butterfinger has assembled an impressive team to help them put together an ad which they promise will be #BolderThanBold. They’ve hired WPP’s creative agency, Santo, and are working with Director Armando Bo, the celebrated Co-Screenwriter of the Academy Award-winning film, Birdman.

Other than the “boldness” of the ad, Butterfinger hasn’t let us in on any details. According to Marketing Manager, Kristen Mandel, they want to get everyone “thinking about what makes eating a Butterfinger bold and unlike any other eating experience.”

This is the second time that Butterfinger has dished out the Big Bucks for a Super Bowl ad. Their last gig was indeed a bold spot! The 2014 ad for Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups featured a therapist, an awkward couple and a menage a trois.

Meanwhile, we’re hoping they go in a different direction for their Big Super Bowl 50 ad. Perhaps they’ll bring back Bart Simpson for a remake of this 1988 ad that reminded us that Butterfinger is “Neato!”