The Complete Roster: Watch All The 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

All the 2017 Super Bowl commercials

If you love Super Bowl commercials even half as much as we do, then this is just for you. Because when it comes to Super Bowl advertisers, you can get all the news here. Sure the game was pretty unforgettable, but luckily for us, so were many of the ads! 

Learn who advertised in Super Bowl 2017 and watch all the best Big Game ads, teasers, extended cuts and more!

Or – if you are short on time – you can just watch the Best Super Bowl LI Ads!

Which Brands Advertised in Super Bowl LI?


Wix went for a triple-play! Wrong sport, we know, but the website builder aired a fantastic Super Bowl commercial for the third year in a row! They made history by launching their 2017 Super Bowl ad campaign on Facebook Live on January 17, becoming the first time a brand ever released an ad using Facebook or YouTube Live.

The hot, action ad featured beautiful duo Gal Gadot and Jason Statham, with a nice guy named Felix playing the hero (and website builder).

Wix released several videos to tell their story, but they kicked off the campaign with this gripping spot:

Watch the full two-minute director’s cut here!


The Intel Super Bowl commercial starred Patriots’ Quarterback, Tom Brady! (How convenient for Intel that Brady was playing on the field as well.) Intel also placed drones all around NRG Stadium to promote their new Intel 360 replay technology.

Watch the ad Intel Big Game ad here!


The colorful candymaker, Skittles, was also back in the Big Game for the third year in a row. Last year, Steven Tyler promoted the little sugary sweets, but this year’s Skittles 2017 Super Bowl commercial focused on the “Taste the Rainbow” tagline. Skittled released the ad on January 24th, nearly two weeks before the Big Game.

This year, Skittles chose to promote their message without enlisting any help from A-List celebs. Instead, Skittles put together a cute, creative clip to remind us that romance is still alive. Or is it?


Airbnb came out with a surprise Super Bowl commercial that no one saw coming. And they came with a message to spread: Airbnb is about acceptance and love no matter where you come from. “We all belong,” they said. The ad joins the list of politically charged commercials this Super Bowl season. Like Budweiser and Coca-Cola, Airbnb chose to celebrate multiculturalism in their Super Bowl ad. And they didn’t even plug their own brand. With the exception of their tiny logo, their brand was absent from the ad.


Mars shelled out big bucks in 2017 for a 30-second commercial about their chocolatey, caramel candy bar – the world famous Snickers. The exciting news is that Snickers 2017 Super Bowl ad starred Adam Driver of Star Wars and Girls fame. 

Snickers – like Hyundai – went with a brand new approach for their 2017 Super Bowl ad! They were live, creating their commercial in real time, during Sunday’s game. Despite the new format, they did stick to their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” theme. (If it ain’t broke, why fix it?)

Before the kickoff, Adam Driver was joined by famous Snickers fan Betty White! She was LIVE with Snickers in the 36 hours before the Game on the Snickers Live YouTube stream. (We’ve waited seven years to see Betty in a Snickers ad so we were giddy with excitement!)

In addition to the celebrity tweets, Snickers released four teasers to get us psyched for the 30-second, western-themed spot. This one was called “Horse Casting.”


For the first time ever, the spotlight was on Busch beer during one whole 30-second Super Bowl commercial. Considered a below-premium brand, you may know Busch as the beer of choice for frat boys everywhere. And, apparently, for nature lovers as well!
You can watch the 30-second Busch Super Bowl ad here:

While Busch may be a Super Bowl rookie, their parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has been a constant presence on the Super Bowl advertising stage for as long as we can remember! A-B also owns Budweiser, Bud Light and Shock Top and they hold exclusive beer advertising rights for the Super Bowl. 

We can thank them for unforgettable Budweiser Super Bowl commercials like this:

Bud Light

Bud Light was back for Super Bowl LI with the goal of promoting the brand’s new tagline, “Famous Among Friends.” No mock elections. No crazy nights of finding a regular Joe who is “Up for Whatever.” No celebrity appearances from the likes of Don Cheadle or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Instead, they aired this ad.

The Ghost Spuds Bud Light Super Bowl ad featured the resurrection of ’80s Bud Light mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. He came back from the dead to get a lazy guy off the couch and out for some good times with his friends. Not for the beer, of course, but for the friendships.

Michelob Ultra

This 30-second commercial was definitely not aimed at the couch potato crowd. The Michelob Super Bowl ad again posited the beer as a fitness-friendly beverage, designed for a thirsty crowd who cares about calories, and their waistline. The people who would much rather spend their evenings doing bench presses, not pounding 40s.

With the theme song from Cheers playing in the background, we saw workout scenes from CrossFit Games champions including Dan Bailey and Becca (Voigt) Miller and Kristan Clevere, the 2010 CrossFit Games champion.


Budweiser, too, was back in the gameand they made a serious splash! Even before Super Bowl LI, people were talking about their ad.

Bud hopes their Super Bowl commercial will help turnaround their sluggish sales and bring in a new era of success with this one, powerful 60-second commercial. The commercial, which wove a story about immigrants and highlighted the company’s founder, Adolphus Busch, was particularly poignant given the recent turn of events in American politics. While Budweiser says nay, it’s hard not to wonder if they were trying to make a political statement.

Watch the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, called Born the Hard Way:

Since the puppies were sitting on the bench again this year, here is the 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial for all the puppy lovers out there:


Sure, the game consoles may have been around for awhile, but it took Nintendo until 2017 to join the Super Bowl ad game! That’s right – they finally aired a Super Bowl ad this year, and you can watch the extended cut right here!


There was something very gold and shiny about KFC’s new Super Bowl commercial. The famous makers of chicken aired their first ever Big Game ad this year. In honor of the occasion, they had two colonels on hand to help them spread the world about their Georgia Gold Chicken.

The campaign was all about gold, in fact, and it starred Billy Zane and Rob Riggle, both playing Colonels.


In honor of Super Bowl LI, Hyundai did something that no one has ever been tried before. They filmed the entire 90-second Hyundai Super Bowl commercial DURING the game and revealed it in the first ad slot after the final play. The tagline of the campaign was, “This year, some of the better moments of the Super Bowl won’t only happen on the field. To help them pull this impressive feat, they worked with director Peter Berg. (He also directed some of Hyundai’s Super Bowl 50 commercials.)

The Hyundai ad was shot live during the Super Bowl and aired after the Patriots’ epic comeback during the first ever Super Bowl overtime in history! The ad was filmed at a US military base in Zagan, Poland. Hyundai built a mock NRG stadium and invited soldiers to experience this unforgettable game in the stadium together with their families. How? Several of the soldiers were able to sit inside a pod surrounded by screens projecting their families in real time.

Before the game, Hyundai had called on Super Bowl champions Joe Montana and Mike Singletary to help them build hype for their big stunt.

Watch the teasers here:


Expedia surprised us with an ad in the Big Game right after the halftime show. Called “Train,” we watched a woman travel the world – on planes, trains and even a boat – seeing the best the world has to offer. The ad sent a message of acceptance, implying that travels opens narrow minds and can combat prejudice.


Cellphone carrier T-Mobile was back in the Big Game this year after a spectacular double-header 2016 Super Bowl performance! This year, they bought four Super Bowl spots. The company kept most of their ads secret until the Game, but they did reveal one T-Mobile Super Bowl LI commercial in advance. It did, of course, predominantly feature the color pink. That, and Justin Bieber.

In the ad, we got to watch Bieber show off his dance moves as he recounted the historical evolution of #UnlimitedMoves. He danced alongside Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens, too. Both of those stars have been featured in other Super Bowl commercials as well. Gronkowski in the Tide Super Bowl LI commercial and Terrell Owens back in this 2015 Wix Super Bowl commercial.

T-Mobile also aired this hilarious ad starring unlikely duo – Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

And this very sensual ad with Kristen Schaal going all S&M with excitement over extra fees.

Finally, we saw just how much Schaal likes to be #Punished in this T-Mobile Super Bowl ad:

It’s a 10 Haircare

“America – We’re in for at least 4 years of awful hair.” Thus begins the It’s a 10 Haircare Super Bowl commercial. They didn’t think twice about poking fun at America’s new president in this rookie ad. In a game that was full of political ads, this one made fun of Donald’s do, rather than his policies on immigration or a wall with Mexico. We had to chuckle out loud


Not to be outdone by the competition, Sprint also showed up on February 5th with a Super Bowl LI commercial. The hilarious ad was meant to showcase just how far customers will go to get out of their unwanted cell contracts. We mean, like really far…

Watch the Sprint commercial; it aired during the second quarter of Sunday’s Game.


Google was back in the Big Game, but they didn’t focus on search. They used their Super Bowl slot to promote their AI assistant, Google Home. This was the second time Google advertised at the Big Game. They aired a sentimental ad that celebrated the diverse people who call America home. The commercial opens with a house adorned with the Pride flag and then showcases diverse families in their homes – Jewish, African American, Asian and many others. What do they all share? The Google Home AI device…


Amazon was also at the Big Game promoting their AI device, the Alexa. They aired three, very brief commercials to show how much easier life is with an Alexa at home.


In the days before Super Bowl LI, Coca-Cola announced that they were planning to run two 30-second Super Bowl commercials, one for Coke and the other for Sprite. Surprisingly, Coke went old-school, recycling existing commercials for Game Day rather than putting together a brand new ad.

In previous Super Bowl ads, Coke has made some serious impact and they are not afraid to go bold. (Find out which Coca-Cola ad is one of the ten best Super Bowl ads of all time!)

This year, they kicked off the Super Bowl by again airing the “It’s Beautiful” commercial. It was already controversial back in 2014 but given today’s political climate the ad, which celebrates multiculturalism and features people singing “America the Beautiful” in several languages, was perhaps even more provocative than ever.

The second Coke ad was decidedly uncontroversial. Watch it here:

Coke also aired this commercial for their other favorite soda, Sprite. It starred LeBron James, but he refused to tell us to drink Sprite.

Here’s the 30-second version.


Super Bowl LI was the cleanest Super Bowl in history! With brands like Febreze, Mr. Clean and Tide all advertising, we were tempted to spend all night scrubbing our kitchen floors. Tide was back in the Game after a four-year break and the 2017 Tide Super Bowl commercial starred Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski, NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw and Jeffrey Tambor, from “Transparent.”

Before the Big Game ad, there were some of the hilarious teasers here:

Pepsi’s LifeWTR

Water is big business – in fact, it’s a market valued at $21 billion in the US alone! Aquafina, one of the leaders in the market, is owned by Pepsi. In this year’s Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl commercial, however, the famous cola-makers put the spotlight on their newest water brand, Life WTR. The latest line of bottled water is meant to be an answer to Coca-Cola’s Smart Water. Apparently, this water is “premium.”

Watch “Inspiration Drops” here. Thirsty, anyone?

During the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Pepsi also promoted their Pepsi Zero Sugar (the drink formerly known as Pepsi Max.)

Tiffany & Co.

Speaking of Lady Gaga, in addition to starring solo in the Halftime show can catch her in the brand new, rookie Super Bowl commercial from Tiffany’s! That’s right, the high-end jewelry store joined the Super Bowl ad game alongside Budweiser, Skittles and other classic Super Bowl advertisers.

Avocados from Mexico

Avocados From Mexico again aired a Super Bowl commercial in 2017, making them a third-timer like Wix and Skittles! The unlikely commercial by this seller of the green, creamy fruit aired early in the first quarter of the Big Game. The 2017 Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl commercial was not just meant to be strange. According to the company, they wanted to highlight the benefits of “good fats,” emphasizing the healthy side of avocados – which, by the way, are available all year round! They also went in a bit of a bizarre direction with their 2016 Super Bowl commercial; it featured an alien guide giving his alien friends a tour of interesting human artifacts, included Scott Baio and of course the main star: the avocado.

King’s Hawaiian

Rookie Super Bowl advertisers, Kings Hawaiian, jumped into the Big Game in the final days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. The makers of popular dinner rolls and BBQ sauce served up a cute family-friendly ad just for the occasion. 30-seconds long, we had to wait for the fourth quarter to see this gem:


WeatherTech was back at the Big Game for the fourth year in a row! As they have in previous Super Bowl commercials, they emphasized the message that their car mats are “made in America.” But this year, they were a bit more adventurous The ad starred a WeatherTech Super Hero whose job it is to go to extraordinary lengths to protect our vehicles from the most dire of circumstances – like spilled coffee.

Watch the WeatherTech Super Bowl LI ad here:


Kia confirmed their participation in Super Bowl LI back in November 2016, announcing that they would be advertising for the 8th year in a row. The Kia 2017 Super Bowl commercial starred the new hybrid crossover, the Kia Niro.

The 60-second ad aired during the third quarter of the Big Game and it starred actress and comedian, Melissa McCarthy, on an arduous journey.

Before they released the ad itself, Kia released four teasers for the ad. We’ve got them all right here for ya!

Teaser #1: “Run”

Teaser #2: Iceberg

Teaser #3: “Many Names”

Teaser #4: “Needs and Wants”

And now, at long last, the big reveal of the cryptic Kia Super Bowl 2017 commercial. Apparently, Melissa McCarthy was busy all this time trying to save the planet as an eco-warrior! Sure, it can be tough, but the Kia Nero sure makes it a whole lot easier!


This year marks the third time that the luxury automaker, Lexus, advertised in the Big Game and they did so with the help of British actress Minnie Driver – the brand’s new spokeswoman – and dancer Charles Lil’ Buck Riley. Lexus released the extended version of their ad during NFL Championship weekend on January 22. The commercial promoted the very cool, very slick Lexus LC 500 stars Lil’ Buck’s moves and Sia’s tunes.


Mercedes is celebrating a very special year – the 50th anniversary of their Mercedes-AMG sports brand – and what better way to celebrate than with a commercial in the Big Game? 

The incredible ad they aired was directed by the amazing Coen brothers and was meant to “pay homage to a series of legends.” You know, like Peter Fonda, Joel and Ethan Coen, Steppenwolf – and the Mercedes AMG Roadster.

Watch the Mercedes Super Bowl LI commercial and discover what happened when “Born to be wild meets built to be wild:”

Born to be wild meets built to be wild – featuring the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. Directed by The Coen Brothers. #easydriver 🏈Read more:[Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster | Combined fuel consumption 11.4 l/100km | combined CO2 emissions 259 g/km |]

Posted by Mercedes-Benz on Friday, January 27, 2017

Using the hashtag #easydriver, the automakers released four enigmatic teasers for their Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial 2017. Judging by the looks of these rough and tough guys, we could tell that a brawl was brewing! (And we couldn’t help but be reminded of the 2015 Skittles Super Bowl commercial, “Settle It.”)


For the first time in 50 years, Wendy’s was back in the Big Game. And they used their ad to make one thing incredibly clear: Wendy’s never, ever uses frozen meat. This message is so important to the fast food chain that they were willing to invest $5 million for a 30-second Game Day spot.

Set to Journey’s Cold as Ice, you can watch it here:

Will this fun Wendy’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial become as central to American culture as their “Where’s the Beef” ad from 1984? That ad alone apparently gave Wendy’s a nice, fat, juicy 30% increase in revenue!

Watch it here:


Justin Timberlake came to Super Bowl LI, but he didn’t perform at the Halftime Show. Instead, he was joined by Christopher Walked to tout the health benefits of Bai drinks. And since he’s a major shareholder in the company, they probably didn’t even have to twist his arm (or pay out a few million $) to get him to do the ad.

Bai had released teasers in advance of the game to let us know that Timberlake was coming, but Walken was a big Surprise. (Last year, Christoper Walken came to the Super Bowl to advertise Hyundai – and sock puppets.) And honestly, we can’t imagine anything much more hilarious than Walken singing that famous song “Bai!Bai!Bai!”

This was the second consecutive Bai Super Bowl commercial. Last year they aired a rather strange commercial that was appropriately named, “None of this makes sense.”

Mobile Strike

The strategy game app, Mobile Strike, was back in the Big Game this year after their rookie spot last year in Super Bowl 50. Best of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger again starred in the ad. This time, however, in addition to kicking ass, he was also being a #PartyPooper.

Watch the Mobile Strike Super Bowl LI teaser:


We got a squeaky-clean ad from Persil. After all, they do make laundry detergent! The sophomore Super Bowl advertisers created a Big Game ad that starred  Bill Nye the Science Guy as their stain-fighting superhero “The Professional!” 

And here was the Persil Super Bowl ad teaser:


TurboTax, best known for their easy-to-use online tax filing service, aired a Super Bowl commercial for the fourth year in a row. Together with director Ivan Zachariáš, they created a 3-part series around the theme of – you guessed it – Humpty Dumpty. (You didn’t see that one coming, did you.) During the AFC Championship game on January 22, 2017, they released the very first teaser. The second part was unveiled in the Big Game and the final spot will come out only after the Super Bowl.

Check out the Big Game spot here  – it was a bit “off the wall” but definitely funny!


The German carmaker was back this year with their 9th Audi Super Bowl commercial! And the poignant, powerful commercial made a very clear political statement. As it told the story of a father and his hopes for his daughter, it promised that Audi, as a company, is committed to “equal pay for equal work.”

The hashtag? #DriveProgress

The Audi 2016 Super Bowl ad was also unforgettable! Called “The Commander,” the ad followed a former astronaut reliving his past with the help of an Audi R8 and the touching music of David Bowie.

Fiat Chrysler

In the days before the Super Bowl, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced that they would be airing three Super Bowl ads on February 5th. As is typical of FCA, they kept their creative a secret, so we had to wait for the Big Game to see what they had in store.

They used all three commercials to promote the Alfa Romeo:

Alfa Romeo Super Bowl Ad 1: Riding Dragons

Alfa Romeo Super Bowl Ad 2: Dear Predictable

Alfa Romeo Super Bowl Ad 3: Mozzafiato


SoFi made a surprise return appearance in this year’s Super Bowl. They also advertised in Super Bowl 50. SoFi, which stands for “Social Financing” is an innovative loan company that strives to help connect alumni so they can help each other with student and other loans.

Watch the 2017 SoFi Super Bowl ad:


The Japanese carmaker again worked hard to showcase their creativity in honor of Super Bowl LI. This is the third time that Honda advertised in the Super Bowl and this year’s ad put the Honda CR-V as the most likely to succeed! In the Honda Super Bowl LI commercial, we heard from the high school selves of Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliot, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel and Viola Davis. Here’s to chasing dreams!

Before the Big Game ad was released, Honda gave us this teaser on January 31 – just days before the game. Listen to the inspiring speech from Steve Carell.


After the great success of last year’s ad, it was no surprise to see another Buick Super Bowl commercial in this year’s Big Game! Apparently, the 2016 Buick Super Bowl commercial brought the automakers a whopping 50 percent increase in traffic to on Game Day last year, and a 100 percent increase the day after the game!

The Buick 2017 Super Bowl commercial, again promoted the concept of of “That’s not a Buick” – trying to help American consumers see the car as cool and modern and seeking to overturn outdated ideas about what a Buick looks like.

The 60-second ad, starring Miranda Kerr and Cam Newton, did a great job of it! (Maybe they should have said, “If that’s a Buick, then I am a millionaire!”)


Owned by the international conglomerate Proctor and Gamble, Febreze announced in the Super Bowl for the first time this year! They first released a teaser on January 25, letting us know that the ad would focus on the infamous halftime #BathroomBreak – an essential (though sometimes stinky) part of the Super Bowl experience.

An extended cut of the Febreze Super Bowl LI commercial itself was released on January 30th. And how could we not love it? This “Odor Ode” even gave a shout out to the “must-see commercials” of the Super Bowl!

Mr. Clean

He is bald and buff and looks kind of like a linebacker, so it only made sense that the tough guy of cleanliness joined in at the Big Game! In honor of their very first Super Bowl ad campaign, the man of Clean got down and, well, a little bit dirty!

Here’s a look at the Mr. Clean Super Bowl commercial:(Oh, those pants!)

This hot, hot man of cleanliness even declared himself the “Official Cleaner of Super Bowl LI.”

Fiji Water

The Wonderful Company (yes, that’s their name) purchased 15-seconds of ad time to remind us that we should drink water. Not tap water, not LifeWTR (another advertiser), but Fiji Water. Branded as a gift from nature, we still think shipping water around the world in little plastic bottles seems a bit silly…

Watch the ad, called “Nature’s Gift,” here:

Wonderful Pistachios

The same Wonderful Company that brings us water from Fiji also spoils us with crispy, salty, delicious pistachio nuts. They paired their 15-second FIJI Water spot with a 15-second pitch for Wonderful Pistachios. This is the third time that the pistachios picked up a Big Game ad.

Called Treadmill,” the Wonderful Pistachios Super Bowl ad stars Ernie the Elephant:


For the first time in three years, Ford was back in the Big Game – sort of. They didn’t dvertising during the Super Bowl itself but instead snagged up a full 90-seconds of airtime between the coin toss and the opening kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday.

Ford went for the sentimental approach, with an ad narrated by Bryan Cranston and set to the tune of Nina Simone’s I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free. The message of the Ford Super Bowl LI commercial was that the automaker is here to help us “Go Further” in the future with innovative products like self-driving cars and electric bikes.

Watch it here:

The last Ford Super Bowl ad was back in 2014 when they had James Franco and Rob Riggle help them promote their Ford Fusion.


The famous tire company purchased 30-seconds of ad time during the very first quarter of the game. They put together a powerful commercial meant to touch on our heartstrings and remind us of the fragility of life and the preciousness of our families. Good tires, after all, can indeed be a matter of life and death.

Watch the Michelin Super Bowl commercial called “I Need You”

84 Lumber

Rookie alert! American lumber company, 84 Lumber spent an estimated $15 million for a 90-second ad spot that everyone is talking about! With a single Super Bowl ad, 84 Lumber went from being a little-known brand to the centerpiece of conversation in every home and office in America.  

The first version of the 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad was rejected by Fox for being too political. (It stars a Mexican mother and daughter trying to cross a huge wall to get to America.) In advance of the Game, the lumber company modified the ad and came up with this version to air during the Game Broadcast:

Here’s a look at the complete (banned) ad, which featured a wall between the US and Mexico – and a door built by 84 Lumber. The message: “The Will to Succeed is Always Welcome Here.”

Learn more at where 84 Lumber tells us that “the journey continues.”

Yellow Tail Wine

Technically Yellow Tail is a regional advertiser because when it comes to alcohol, Anheuser-Busch holds exclusive rights to advertising in the Big Game. But Yellow Tail was determined to share in the bounty of the Big Game and – when it comes to Super Bowl ads – we are here to give credit where credit is due.

After two years of plotting how to squeeze their way into the crowded playing field, Yellow Tail has succeeded in buying Super Bowl commercial time in 70 US markets, targeting 85% of American viewers.

Wanna see what it looks like when you combine Yellow Tail wine, a weird guy in a yellow suit, model Ellie Gonsalves and a kangaroo?

Then watch the Yellow Tail Super Bowl ad!

Fun fact: Each day, 2.5 million glasses of Yellow Tail are sipped, chugged, tasted and enjoyed around the world.


A Big Mac for every occasion? You betchya!

While McDonald’s didn’t technically air a Super Bowl LI commercial, they did send an important screen message during Sunday’s pre-game show. The ad was all about their three new Big Macs. It’s true – for a limited time the “juicy, cheesy, iconic Big Mac” will be available in Junior, Big and Grand sizes. So whatever you are celebrating – you can do it at Mickey D’s.

The Battle of Evony by Top Games

Rookie alert! Top Games released its first ever Battle of Evony Super Bowl commercial just days before the Big Game and what an ad it was! It paid tribute to famous kings and leaders like George Washington, King Arthur and Empress Wu Zetian before inviting the rest of us to join their ranks.

A 30-second version of the ad aired during the third quarter of the Big Game. It’s so fabulous and so beautiful that we recommend you watch the whole extended version here. Now. 

World of Tanks

Not to be outdone by other game companies, the online game World of Tanks (owned by Wargaming) made their Super Bowl debut. They purchased two 15-second ad slots to air during the first and second quarters of Super Bowl LI.

The ads were meant to make fun of reality TV shows with the fake shows “Teeny House” and “Real Awful Moms.”

H&R Block

Similar to TurboTax, H&R showed up on Super Bowl Sunday to talk about your taxes. It’s true, April 15th is looming in the not-so-distant future and H&R wants to help us out. During the first quarter of Sunday’s game (before we were too drunk), H&R had IBM’s Watson on board to help them tout the benefits of their tax services. They also got a real Mad Men to give them a hand as well – and kept it as a secret until Game Day!

Watch the H&R Super Bowl commercial starring John Hamm.


These vitamin makers were all set to air the first-ever GNC Super Bowl commercial; they planned an ad and purchased a 30-second spot during the first quarter. The goal of their Super-sized ad buy was to try and improve their reputation after a tough year that including a plummeting stock price and a fine of more than $2 million for selling illegal dietary supplements.

Unfortunately, however, the NFL rejected their ad just days before Super Bowl LI. Why? According to USA Today, “The content of the ad isn’t controversial. What made it problematic is GNC is listed under “prohibited companies” on a memo from the NFL and the players union.” Apparently, a measly 3% of GNC’s products include ingredients that are banned by the NFL.

And with that, GNC’s Super Bowl dreams were crushed. Luckily, they still had the Courage to release the full ad, despite the ban!
Watch it here:

GNC had also released a teaser on January 25,  promising that Change Is Coming on 02.05.17. 

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines aired this Super Bowl commercial starring Morgan Freeman. Do you have a sense of wonder? Do you want to explore the planet? Then, Morgan Freeman says, it’s time to wider your world, expand your horizons and jump aboard a Turkish fligh,

More Super Bowl Ads!

Below check out a few more gems – some bonus Super Bowl commercials from Sunday’s unforgettable game.

NFL – Super Bowl Baby Legends – “Who’s Next?”

National Geographic – Einstein Plays Lady Gaga on the Violin – “Genius”

Hulu – “The Handmaid’s Tale”

The American Petroleum Institute – “Power Past Impossible”

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