After 16 Year Hiatus, Mtn Dew is Back to Kickstart the Big Game

Mountain Dew Kickstart Super Bowl Commercial 2015

While their parent company, PepsiCo, has made it to nearly half of the Super Bowls in the Game’s history, Mountain Dew has sat quietly on the sidelines since the turn of the century.  

Perhaps it’s the lure of the Super Bowl’s Golden anniversary or maybe it just took them 16 years to come up with something as funny and memorable as this Bohemian Rhapsody ad from back in 2000.

Whatever the reason – we’re glad they’re back.

A Kickstart For Super Bowl 50 Mania

In their Super Bowl 2016 ad, America’s #4 soda, Mountain Dew, will not be featured. Instead, the slot will put the spotlight on the company’s energy drink, Kickstart. The pep-packed beverage comes in a whole host of tempting flavors, from Fruit Punch and Orange Citrus, to Pineapple Orange Mango and Strawberry Kiwi.

Since the energy-boosting drink is marketed primarily to a younger audience (think college crowd), the Super Bowl seems like an appropriate place for peddling the syrupy, sweet stuff.  

While nothing is confirmed, the Kickstart plug may mimic last year’s well-loved and widely viewed pregame ad.

Meanwhile, Big Pappa Pepsi, has also announced their purchase of precious ad time in Super Bowl 50. Details about their commercial are scarce (well, nonexistent), but the soda giant will also be sponsoring this year’s Halftime Show for the fourth consecutive year.