A Hot Move From Coldplay: Headlining the Halftime Show in Super Bowl 50

Coldplay Chris Martin Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show
Image credit: Coldplay twitter account

With Super Bowl 50 nearly two months away, the hype has officially begun! Despite the fact the football is the quintessential American game, the British rock band, Coldplay, will be taking the stage for the annual halftime show come February 7th.

Pretty-boy frontman Chris Martin lead sings for the band, with Guy Berryman on bass, Jonny Buckland on guitar and Will Champion on drums and backup vocals. The band announced their starring spot on Twitter on December 3.

A Mixed Reaction

Fans of the rock group are understandably pumped and Cincinnati Bengals QB, Andy Dalton, supported the choice saying, “I’m into Coldplay. Their music is pretty awesome, so I think it would be a fun halftime show for everyone.The left shark last year got a lot of publicity,” he noted, referring to the most famous part of Katy Perry’s show. “I think you have to do something that’s a little different.”

Not everyone agreed, however. Social media saw a burst of criticism over the choice, not because the group is un-American, per se, but rather because their music is just so mellow. According to USA Today, “The news was met with a collective, sustained “meh” across the Internet.”

Perhaps Bruno Mars can spice things up! He’ll be joining Coldplay on stage, back again at the Big Game after he headlined the halftime show in 2014. Other musical guests rumored to be playing include Kanye West and Beyonce.


Want to get your dose of Coldplay in well before the Big Game?

The band just released its seventh album, A Head Full of Dreams, on December 4. Learn the lyrics so you can sing along. Here’s the first single,  “Adventure of a Lifetime.”

What’s in a Name?

Did you know that Coldplay was originally named Pectoralz. They also changed their name to Starfish before settling on Coldplay.