Hyundai Commercial 2017

You can always count on Hyundai to make a BIG impression at the Big Game. This year, the automaker returned to the NFL as official sponsors of Super Bowl LI and – for the first time ever – produced an epic commercial filmed live during the annual championship. This marks Hyundai’s ninth appearance at the Super Bowl.

Instead of making a traditional commercial in advance of the Super Bowl, Hyundai created a Game Day documentary that covered some of the best moments off the field.  

Introducing “Operation Better”

And by “off the field” they mean WAY off the field! Hyundai filmed their ad live from a US military base in Zagan, Poland, where they set up a mock stadium for the occasion, inviting thousands of soldiers to watch the game in an ambiance that simulated the NRG Stadium in Houston.

Meanwhile, director Peter Berg and the production team worked on the ad spot from a trailer on the base. Here’s what happened when Hyundai brought together soldiers to watch this unforgettable game together with their families.

Worried about technical difficulties?

In the event that the live ad didn’t go off without a hitch, Hyundai prepared a backup advertisement to show to the captive Super Bowl audience back home.

Teaser Alert!

Hyundai had great support to help them spread the word of their live venture! Hear from former NFL champions Joe Montana and Mike Singletary, both of whom speak in teasers for the  Hyundai Super Bowl 2017 commercial. The clips were aired during the AFC and NFC championship games on Sunday, January 22.

You can watch them below:

Operation Better | Joe Montana

Operation Better | Mike Singletary

What was the idea behind “Operation Better?”

Hyundai filmed its full Super Bowl ad spot in real-time. The 90-second ad was a “documentary,” aired during the “post-gun” slot – the first commercial break after the game and before the Lombardi trophy is presented to the winning team. The ad featured “some of the best off-the-field Super Bowl moments.”

So, how do you shoot, edit and produce a 90-second ad in just over 3 hours?

You call on acclaimed director Peter Berg for the live stunt. You may know him for his work in Patriots Day, Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon. Innocean Worldwide creative was also involved in the Hyundai Super Bowl 2017 commercial. Hyundai is in its second year as an official NFL sponsor and is the official car and SUV of the league.

Super Bowl ads experience
Pro (This is their 9th campaign in 10 years.)


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