Febreze Commercial 2017

If you’re a Millennial, chances are you’ve had to Febreze something once or twice in your life – your car, laundry, or entire room! And now, every family’s go-to odor eliminator came to the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

The world famous brand aired in a 30-second spot during the second quarter of the Big Game. It focused on the well-known cultural phenomenon – the Halftime pee break! 

You can watch the extended ad here:

The first-ever Febreze Super Bowl ad was an ode to the most important rooms in our house – the one we all wanted to run to at halftime on Super Bowl Sunday. (Although given the amazing performance by Lady Gaga, it really was a “crappy” time to go to the lou.)

On January 25, before their Big Game ad came out, Febreze released a teaser, letting us know that their ad would focus on the infamous #BathroomBreak.

We bet you can relate! After all, if you’ve ever hosted a Super Bowl party, you know that the bathroom can get pretty jammed up – and stinky – after everyone makes a run for the WC at halftime. Febreze, they said, is here to help – and to send the message that no Super Bowl gathering is complete without a reliable stock of Febreze in the bathroom!

Comedian Kathryn Hahn provided the voiceover in the commercial which is part of their overall “Odor Odes” campaign. The message in each of the ads is: “I love you. You stink.”

According to Febreze, “Let’s face it: sometimes the things you love the most can be super stinky. And while other air fresheners mask odors, new Febreze straight up cleans away stink with OdorClear™ technology — the brand’s toughest, most effective formula to-date.”

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