Doritos Commercial 2016

Alas, Doritos is sitting on the bench this year. That’s right, there will be no Doritos Super Bowl LI commercial.

To see everyone who is (and isn’t) advertising this year, check out our list of all the 2017 Super Bowl commercials.

In 2016, for the 10th and final year, Doritos held its famous Crash the Super Bowl contest. Since 2006, Doritos (owned by Frito-Lay) has asked their fans to do the hard work when it comes to advertising at the Super Bowl. They invited people to submit commercials, vying for a chance to win $1 million, their ad aired on Super Bowl Sunday and the opportunity to work with director Zack Snyder! The winner was selected by public voting from a pool of 50 semifinalists and 3 finalists.

In the days before the 50th Super Bowl, Doritos built up hype for the final edition of their Crash the Super Bowl contest. They created this video mashup of all the past Doritos winners called “Graduation (Bold Forever).”

See how many of the great previous Doritos commercials you remember:

Of the three finalists, two of the ads were selected as Grand Prize winners:

1. “Doritos Dogs” by Jacob Chase

This is not your “Lost Puppy” Budweiser commercial.

2. “Ultrasound” by Peter Carstairs

Ladies, make sure your husbands don’t bring Doritos to your next checkup…

The Runner Up

While this was a clever ad, it didn’t make the cut. Meet the third Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalist. An ad called “Swipe for Doritos,” it was created by David Rudy.

Nothing says Crash the Super Bowl like an ad displaying the struggles of online dating.

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