Previous Bud Light Campaigns

As far as Super Bowl commercials go, Bud Light is one of the all-star brands and their ads usually rank high up there on various ad meters.

Last year, they got right into the spirit of the election year! Bud Light worked together with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen to put together a fake and funny presidential campaign for the very lovable #BudLightParty.  Now that was a party that everyone could vote for, and one things for sure – it was a far more positive campaign than the real one that followed!

In addition to their awesome campaign commercial, Bud Light released special-edition, collectible beer cans featuring the logos of every NFL team that has ever won the Super Bowl.

Bud Light’s Super Bowl 2015 Campaign

In 2015, Bud Light’s Super Bowl campaign built upon the success of their 2014 ad, “Up For Whatever.” In that commercial, a normal guy was launched into an epic night starring Bud Light as the “the perfect beer for whatever happens.”

The 2015 commercial was a 60-second ad called “Coin. Bud Light took the action to the city of Angels for an unforgettable night. As in 2014, there was another unsuspecting Bud Light drinker, a giant coin toss, an equally large slot machine and a round at a larger-than-life Pac-Man game. Like the previous year, the whole experience was captured on camera for the Super Bowl commercial.

Here is the extended version of the the Bud Light 2015 Super Bowl Commercial:

The Bud Light Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

In the 2014 Super Bowl commercial, we met Ian Rappaport. Just a regular guy, Ian was offered a Bud Light by a beautiful woman. In exchange, he agreed to be #upforwhatever was asked of him. Next thing we knew, Ian found himself in a limo with Reggie Watts and then in an elevator with Don Cheadle, walking a llama. The night ended when he is matched against Arnold Schwarzenegger in an intensive ping pong match. And the victor is…Go watch it!

For decades, Bud Light has been a regular in the Super Bowl advertising playing field. Here’s a look at some of their previous Super Bowl commercials:





And of course – there was this awesome banned Super Bowl ad from back in 2010. We’re still hoping they run that clothing drive at our work!