Bud Light Commercial 2017

Anheuser-Busch purchased a full three minutes of ad time in Super Bowl LI and 60-seconds was all about their well-known brand, Bud Light. The Bud Light commercial released a few days before kickoff, is designed to promote the beer’s new slogan, “Famous Among Friends.”

And guess who is back?

It’s Spuds MacKenzie, the famous Bud Light mascot of 80’s fame! No one who was alive in the 80s doesn’t remember this wild and crazy party ANIMAL. Back as a ghost dog, Spuds is on a mission – and it’s not just about getting us to drink beer. He is here to get Brian off the couch and out the door – to go spend time with friends. (And if he drinks some Bud Lights along the way, well, I suppose that’s okay too…)

Watch the 2017 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial, “Ghost Spuds”

Need a Spuds Refresher? Here are some oldies but goodies!

Spuds in the Olympics

Spuds MacKenzie in 1987:

And the following year, in 1988:

More about the Bud Light Super Bowl ad

According to Marcel Marcondes, AB InBev’s U.S. VP of Marketing, the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial is meant to be direct and focus on the product itself. Marcondes said that all of AB’s ads this year will “stay connected to the truth of our brands and that is what we are going to do, so no bullshit.” The ad better do well – Bud Light has had a rough year in sales and needs to bounce back.

Note that, unlike last year, Bud Light has decided to steer clear of the political bandwagon. The Bud Light 2016 Super Bowl commercial starred comedians Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen as running mates for the very lovable #BudLightParty. 

Watch the complete Bud Light Super Bowl 50 commercial here. And then admit it – you wish you’d written in their names! 

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