50 Golden New Year’s Resolutions In Honor Of Super Bowl 50

Golden New Year's Resolutions In Honor Of Super Bowl 50

Make New Friends, Be #UpForWhatever and Start a Business!

What’s Your New Year’s Super Bowl 50 Resolution?

New Year’s is a time to reflect on what to do better in the coming year. But let’s be honest, no one follows those resolutions about dieting or saving money, right?

Inspired by our favorite thing in the world (Super Bowl Commercials), we decided that this year we’d create a list of 50 FUN resolutions involving the best things in life: a shit-ton of beer, a bag of Doritos to munch on and, of course, lots of football!

  1. Share Snacks With a Seatmate

In 2016, we want to get crunching and snag a perfect seat on our next flight with a bag of Doritos in hand. We’ll even be willing to share, if those bright orange chips can help us attract the ultimate seatmate for the trip…

  1. Build a Website

This year, we’re finally gonna build that stunning new website we’ve always wanted. With the help of Wix, we know #ItsThatEasy, so we really have no more excuses. Since building the website will take no time at all, we’ll have plenty of time left over to celebrate 2016 with some good ol’ country music and a bit of Terrell Owens’ humble pie.

  1. Get Our Taxes Done Early

Who needs a real accountant when we’ve got TurboTax? Intuit‘s tax software makes it so easy and cheap to file our taxes that we’re gonna send in those forms before Super Bowl Sunday this year!

  1. Donate to a Worthy Cause

Or at least to the San Francisco Super Bowl 50 committee. We’re inspired by #SB50Feeds campaign to feed hungry people in the Bay Area. For every dollar donated, the Host Committee and The Safeway Foundation are tripling the impact of the donation. That means just a $10 will provide $180 worth of food for a hungry child!

  1. Do Some Shopping

Those atomic fireBalls and candy sticks would make a great addition to our Super Bowl 50 party menu! Vidlers 5 & 10, here we come for those great collectibles!

Check out Vidler’s video entry for Intuit’s “Small Business Big Game” contest: 

  1. Make a New Best Bud

Who can resist a furry if not-so-cuddly new best friend? In 2016 we want to be #BestBuds with a Clydesdale, or at least learn how to horseback ride!

  1. Drink More Coffee

Not even Death Wish Coffee will be able to handle us…They claim to be the world’s STRONGEST coffee and with new sources claiming the long term benefits of drinking coffee (like lowering the risk of a number of diseases), going on a coffee diet is a no-brainer! 2016, look out! We are most definitely getting our mugs out!

Catch Death Wish Coffee’s video for Intuit’s “Small Business Big Game” contest:

  1. Be #UpForWhatever Comes Our Way

We vow to be #UpForWhatever in the New Year and step outside for some old-school fun every now and then! In 2016, we want to let loose and have a good time! Bring it on (with a Bud Light in hand)!

  1. Make At Least One Vine in Honor of the Big Game

Even if it means being late to another one of my girlfriend’s awesome dinners…

  1. Win a Free Ticket to the Big Game

We’re feeling lucky about the Hyundai Super Bowl Sweepstakes and even if we don’t win the grand prize, maybe we can be one of the first 1000 people to enter the contest for a chance to test drive theSuper Bowl 50 Ticketsir newest model and receive a special gift.





  1. Settle it the UNusual Way

Life brings on many challenges and we’d like to face them without resorting to violence – maybe instead with a good old fashioned coin toss! So while it may mean our biceps will be a little less buff, the next time you catch us fighting over this rainbow colored candy, it’ll be with a penny in hand.

  1. Satisfy That Chocolate Craving

Everybody loves a sweet, caramel-filled chocolate bar with peanuts. In 2016, we hope to fulfill our chocolate craving by carrying a Snickers bar wherever we go, because, like Betty White, we sure as hell aren’t ourselves when we’re hungry.

  1. Go to at Least One Game Day Party

We wouldn’t miss a Super Bowl party for the world….

super bowl 50 party







  1. Perfect Our Impersonation of Our Favorite NFL Player

Did we mention our obsession with the hunk, Tom Brady? #TomBradyStyle

  1. Plan a Weekend Getaway

Last year, KIA inspired us to plan a romantic winter getaway to a beautiful cabin on top of a snowy hill! This year – we’re doing it! If Pierce Brosnan wants to join us, even better!

  1. Be More Patriotic

America’s a pretty sweet country and sometimes we take her for granted. This year, we pledge to be more patriotic and purchase only American-made products. You know, like new WeatherTech floor mats for our car.

  1. Dress Like Russell Westbrook

If only 2016 will go as smooth as Westbrook himself…

  1. Follow Super Bowl Commercials 2016 on Twitter

Because doing anything other than that would just be ridiculous…(Yes, this is a shameless self-plug.)

super bowl commercials 2016 logo






  1. Have Someone on the Street Mistake Us for Tom Brady (and Hope It’s Gisel Bündchen)

Might be wishful thinking…but then again, in a packed place like Santa Clara, anything is possible.

tom brady and gisele bundchen super bowl 2016






  1. Eat Healthier

We’re always tempted to grab the popcorn, order some spicy buffalo wings (YUM), and two boxes of jumbo sized pizzas…. but this year, we won’t. (Except on Super Bowl Sunday, and during other big games. And maybe during the NBA finals here and there.) But really, we’re committed to trying a good ol’ plate of guac and some freshly squeezed orange juice to bring in the new year. We have an image to maintain, you know.

Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Commercial Guacamole







  1. Start a New Business

Maybe we’ll just do what everybody else does and kick-off the new year with starting a business. Because what better way to bring on the New Year than by being your own boss?

  1. Pull an All-Nighter with Help from Kickstart

Time to prepare for a sleepless night of New Year’s celebrations with a Mtn Dew Kickstart in hand!

Mountain Dew Kick Start Super Bowl commercials 2016

  1. Floss Daily (or At Least Every Other Day)

Looks like we might just need to mark our calendars with this New Year’s resolution. If there’s one thing we struggle with sometimes, it’s flossing. And with the Big Game coming up, we can’t afford to have food stuck between our teeth…but if Colgate can be good, then so can we.

Catch Colgate’s warm and fuzzy teaser ad for their SB 50 debut: 

  1. Get a Funky New Haircut

2016 is the year to make the impossible, possible. And what better way to take charge then with a Shock Top inspired haircut? Our next look is definitely going to be a mo-hawk and some killer shades!

Shock Top Logo






  1. Give More Hugs

We don’t do it enough. In 2016 we’d like to just stop, breathe, and spend more time hugging the people we love most…or total strangers! Bruce Willis was right back in 2014 when he urged us all to start a #HugFest.

Remember Honda’s 2014 Super Bowl ad?

  1. Drop Out of at Least One Fantasy League (and Win in Another)

Although giving up isn’t one of our goals in life, dropping out of a league in order to guarantee a big win in another sounds pretty damn great.

fantasy football super bowl commercials 2016






  1. Sleep in on a Football Sunday, But Get Up in Time for Kickoff

After our long nights of partying, we need our Sunday mornings to catch up on some beauty sleep, but that won’t stop us from waking up for the 1pm kickoff when the regular season starts!

sleep late on super bowl sunday






  1. Avoid Getting Foot Fungus (or any fungus) at All Costs!

If that fungus even DARES come close to us, we won’t tackle it…we’ll POUND the hell out of it until we hit a touchdown goal! Jublia is one Super Bowl product we hope to never need.

  1. Visit Japan

Maybe Seinfeld would like to join, or perhaps we’ll have to fly solo. Either way, we’re getting our butts to Japan!

Remember Seinfeld’s countless attempts at landing the first Acura on the market back in this 2012 Super Bowl commercial gem:

  1. Go Skydiving

Because jumping off a jet plane will make us #BolderThanBold and we have always wanted to skydive! This year, we’re gonna overcome our fears and go for it – with a Butterfinger in hand!

  1. Go At Least Half a Year Without Exceeding Our Data Plan

For all those nights we stayed up watching YouTube’s of the sexiest Super Bowl commercials of all time…and ended eating up our data plan. Is this the season to switch over to T-Mobile? Apparently.

Check out their 2014 Super Bowl ad and see if you’re convinced…

  1. Preserve Some Trees

Who needs paper money these days? Our mission this year (or in life, in general) is to chop down fewer trees and go 100% paperless on all our accounts. Why write checks when you can use PayPal  

save trees pay with paypal super bowl 50 advertiser






  1. Visit San Francisco

2016 has a trip to the home of the 49ers in store for us. It’s time to put flowers in our hair and head to the hottest, hipp(i)est California city. Now onto buying that flight ticket….or maybe we’ll just hold off until prices drop post-game.

san francisco home of Super Bowl 50






  1. Take a Blast to the Past

Time to watch the Super Bowl in style! Chubbies Shorts definitely had it right with their latest all-American produced rad vintage shorts from the past!

Check out their video for Intuit’s “Small Business Big Game” contest:

  1. Perform in the Super Bowl Halftime Show

The surprise guests have still not been revealed, so why can’t it be me?! We may not be as good as Coldplay, Katy Perry OR Beyonce, but we definitely have a knack for music! Trust us, not even big shot Bruno Mars will be able to handle what we do…

  1. Go to At Least One NFL Game

It doesn’t have to be the Super Bowl, but we would like to see at least one pro-game this year. Besides, who makes New Year’s Super Bowl resolutions without ever having gone to at least ONE NFL game? That’s just silly.  

go to super bowl 50






  1. Adopt a Puppy

What better way to kick-off 2016 than with a small, furry friend? We’ll even train him to bring us beers from the fridge and cheer for our favorite team!

What can I say, we’re suckers for this 2014 Budweiser ad:

  1. Never Run Out of Cell Phone Juice

You know those moments where you’re reading a funny Super Bowl article and your phone’s battery life suddenly drops to 10%–it’s enough to make the hairs on our arms stand up straight. 2016 just might be the year to invest in our very own Mophie battery case. Because there’s nothing like charging our phones on the go–with no wires, no outlets and no hassle.

morphie battery pack super bowl 50 commercial advertisers






  1. Get into the Gold League in Clash of Clans

What better way to get into Super Bowl 50 spirit than with a New Year’s resolution involving a gold trophy from one of the most talked about video games? Looks like we’re going to have to call on the Lava Pup for a chance to win the the big bucks. 

If Liam can, than why can’t we?

  1. Place a Winning Bet in Vegas on Our Home Team

Because the only thing better than seeing our home team win, is making money from nothing!

Super Bowl 2016 playoff team bets






  1. Weigh 5 Pounds Less in April Than on the Day After the Super Bowl

Because we all know what it’s like to have beer belly and a stomach ache on Super Bowl Monday… but munching all night long cannot continue throughout March, even if it might require the help of our friends at Weight Watchers.

  1. Perfect Our Touchdown Dance

We may not be NFL players, or have any athletic ability for that matter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our very own touchdown dance. You know, for those moments when we score a 3-pointer by simply tossing out some trash from the comfort of our office chair. That definitely calls for a dance!

  1. Go All Year Without Getting Tackled – by Anyone

Whether it’s fighting over seats at the stadium, or brawling with our bro over the last beer in the fridge, we’re gonna behave. And with help from karma, we won’t get tackled this year, even once!

avoid getting tackled at super bowl 50






  1. Run Half as Fast as Adrian Peterson

While we know we’re no match for the Minnesota Viking’s running back, maybe he can teach us a few of his swift techniques. We’d like to be able to do a fraction of what he did in this game against the Giants.

Adrian Peterson running back minnesota vikings






  1. Understand the Fuss about the Concussion Protocol

We might need to call the NFL up on this one. Or just do some light aerobic exercise until we’re sure we’re in the clear.

concussion protocol super bowl 50 commercials






  1. Get Away With at Least HALF as Much Illegal Crap as Tom Brady

You know, like using deflated balls at a game…

  1. Get a Ticket to Super Bowl 51

Let’s just hope they won’t cost an arm and a leg (or any other limb, for that matter). Even that might not be enough to claim those front row seat tickets at the Big Game. How about a kidney? How about two? Yeah, maybe they’ll accept two kidneys…

Here’s the scoop on where to buy your SB 50 tickets.

  1. Associate Weight Watchers with the Super Bowl, Not Our Pant’s Size

You only live once and we sure as hell don’t want to spend that lifetime dieting when we could be eating nachos and watching football. In 2016, we want to associate Weight Watchers with Super Bowl commercials and NOT with our XXXL pants.

After all, they did air this ad during Super Bowl XLIX:

  1. Start a Savings Account for Our Super Bowl 100 Ad

Everyone has big dreams and even bigger aspirations. Ours just happens to be to save enough for a 30-second ad in SB 100! Looks like we’ll be putting aside close to $300 dollars a day from now until 2066. Now THAT might be a tough one.

  1. Catch Up on Every Disney Movie We Missed

It’s never too late to Kung Fu fight our way back in time. It’s been awhile, so this year we’re setting aside time to binge-watch ALL the Disney classics – before the release of Kung Fu Panda 3, or the newest Wix Super Bowl ad!