Super Bowl 2016: The 7 Ads We Can’t Wait To See

Brett Favre and Rex Lee

We’ll admit it.
We’re addicted to the Super Bowl (because of the ads, of course) and we can’t believe we still have to wait another few weeks for kick off – and an evening packed with our favorite thing: Super Bowl Commercials! Luckily for us, lots of Super Bowl 50 advertisers are already starting to come out of the woodwork. (Check our updates for the latest.)

Who’s Advertising in the Big Game This Year?

So far, the following companies have officially announced their plans to advertise SB50: Wix, Doritos, Shock Top, Budweiser, Bud LightAvocados From Mexico, Taco BellPokemonWeather Tech, Kia, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Michelob UltraIntuit, Hyundai, Snickers, Skittles, Acura, PayPal, Butterfinger, LG, Honda, BuickBMW Mini, ToyotaColgate, SunTrust and TurboTax

Counting Down to Super Bowl 50

Last year’s Big Game saw a lot of first-time advertisers and many of them came through with some of the best Super Bowl ads of 2015. As we countdown the days until the big 5-0 in Santa Clara, let’s look at those companies whose ads we can’t wait to see in Super Bowl 50.

The 7 Companies That Have Us Psyched For 2016 Super Bowl Commercials:

1. Wix

First time advertiser,, gave a powerful performance in their debut Super Bowl ad last year and we’re thrilled that they’ve already announced their participation in Super Bowl 50. (Read more about it here.) Last year’s ad was clever, fun and best of all, football related!

But perhaps most impressive of all was their elaborate social media campaign. Several weeks before the Big Game, Wix was busy releasing videos, tweets and Facebook-posts galore, both on their own channels and on the channels they had set up for each of the five former NFL players who starred in their ad. According to Eric Mason, Wix Director of Communications, “We put up the Emmitt Smith line dancing video, and it gained 1.5 million views on Facebook within 24 hours, about three weeks before kickoff.”

This year, they’re going in a different direction. They’ve partnered up with DreamWorks in an ad campaign that will also promote the upcoming release of Kung Fu Panda 3. Excited to get back in the action, they were the first company to release a teaser for their Super Bowl 50 ad!

2. Kia

2015 wasn’t the first time that automaker Kia created a commercial that really entertained. Each year, Kia’s Super Bowl commercial takes a different direction, so we never know what to expect. Last year was Bond, 2014 The Matrix, and the year before that we watched a dad awkwardly try to explain sex to his young son. The one thing all these Kia ads have in common is – they’re great. We know they won’t disappoint in Super Bowl 50, especially since they’ve let us know that Christopher Walken will be starring in the ad!

3. Snickers

Snickers has been running the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign for quite some time now and they’ve promised to do it again for their their 2016 SB commercial! Admittedly, we thought nothing could beat their awesome 2010 Super Bowl commercial featuring Betty White. Until last year.

Their Brady Bunch spoof, which took home the coveted Clio award, was funny, tasteful and perfectly executed. We have no idea how they can possibly top it, but we have faith that if anyone can pull it off, Snickers can.

4. Avocados From Mexico

Like Wix, last year was the first time that Avocados From Mexico chose to take the plunge with a Super Bowl ad. They came through strong with their hilarious spot called the “First Draft Ever.” We wondered how exactly they would push the many virtues of an avocado, but they managed to do it in style, and link to back to football.

They’re back in the game this year, with a new plan for their 2016 Super Bowl ad and we can’t wait to see what they have in store!

5. BMW

BMW doesn’t advertise every year. But when they do, they do it well. We were totally impressed by their plug for the i3 last year, starring Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric. We’re crossing our fingers that they can come up with something just as creative and hilarious in honor of Super Bowl 50! Please BMW – don’t wait another decade to make us laugh this hard again! We’re up for any newfangled idea you recommend.

5. Mountain Dew

When you’ve had 16 years to plan an advertisement, you damn well better come up with something awesome. Mountain Dew has announced that, for the first time since 2000, they’re coming back to advertise in honor of Super Bowl 50 – this time with a spot highlighting their energy drink, KickStart.

If history’s any indicator, we can expect great things from our fizzy friends at Mountain Dew. Their two ads in 2000 were hilarious. Remember this parody on Bohemian Rhapsody?

6. Nationwide (and 7. Mophie)

Why can’t we wait to see Nationwide’s ad this year? After their horrific spot last year where they killed a young kid, we’re curious to see who they’ll knock off in this year’s Super Bowl. Who knows…maybe they’ll partner up with Mophie who seems to have a close connection with God, and bring that poor child back to life!

Mophie’s 2015 Super Bowl commercial (their first) starred none other than God Almighty.