The Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

2017 Best Super Bowl Commercials

The Patriots have taken home the Lombardi in the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and with that, the 2016 NFL Season has officially come to a close. We were treated to 67 commercials as brands sought to make us giggle and balk, swoon or cheer. The goal, of course, was always the same – to create an ad that would be memorable in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of millions of captive viewers who were glued to the TV on Super Bowl Sunday.

So who did it best? Which ads will be played and replayed endlessly in the coming days? We watched them all (more than once) and the votes are in. Here it is, ladies and gentleman, the top ten (ok, nine…) list you’ve been waiting for.

Watch the 9 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2017:

1. Wix Super Bowl Commercial – Starring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot

One of the first ads to be released, we knew from the start that this action-packed mini-movie was a winner! It has creativity, star power, fight scenes, great music, crazy stunts, a hilarious plot and even a touch of humor. (The ad was so great, in fact, that we’ve heard people are begging Wix to turn it into a full-length movie.) Wix has come to be known for their outstanding Super Bowl commercials but this one will be hard to top. Watch Gal Gadot and Jason Statham shake things up at Felix’s Bistro in the spectacular Wix Super Bowl commercial:

The Wix Super Bowl commercial (Part 1) 

Catch Part 2 here:

2. Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial – “Born the Hard Way”

A good Super Bowl commercial makes a splash. It gets discussed, provokes a reaction and, most importantly, is remembered. When it comes to advertising, you want your brand to stick out. For those reasons, this year’s Budweiser Super Bowl ad was a runaway success. Despite the fact the Budweiser claims their ad was not political, it managed to spark a good deal of controversy from people who felt that it was trying to make a statement against Trump’s new immigration policy. Whatever their motives may have been, there’s no denying that the Budweiser succeeded in getting people to talk about their brand.

But in addition to raising eyebrows and generating countless conversations, the ad was beautifully done. It introduced America to the founder of Anheuser-Busch, connecting audiences to the one man who began it all, who started from nothing and eventually built one of the most successful brands in America.

3. Audi Super Bowl Commercial – “#DriveProgress”

Like Budweiser, Audi sent a message in their 2017 Super Bowl ad. The message was about equal pay for equal work, and it was powerfully demonstrated. A father thinks aloud about his daughter’s future, wondering if she’ll be valued, hoping she’ll be respected and considering if he should tell her that the world is not always fair to women.  Audi used the hashtag #DriveProgress to instill a message of hope for a more progressive future, and ends with the promise that their company, for one, is committed to equal pay for equal work.

4. Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial – “Born to Be Wild”

Mercedes spent last year’s Super Bowl on the bench, but they came back this year in a big way. The 2017 Mercedes Super Bowl ad is an ode to many legends – Peter Fonda, Steppenwolf and the talented directors – the Coen Brothers. It’s 60-seconds that’ll make you want to hit the road, find an open stretch of highway and head out for a long drive with the top down. (That is, unless, you’re blocked in.)

The ad is meant to appeal to our more adventurous side. Those who are born to be wild, said Mercedes, should drive a car that is “Built to Be Wild:”

Born to be wild meets built to be wild – featuring the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. Directed by The Coen Brothers. #easydriver 🏈Read more:[Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster | Combined fuel consumption 11.4 l/100km | combined CO2 emissions 259 g/km |]

Posted by Mercedes-Benz on Friday, January 27, 2017

5. Mr. Clean Super Bowl Commercial – “Cleaner of Your Dreams”

This ad could have been tacky, cheesy or outright stupid. But in their Super Bowl debut, Mr. Clean managed to execute this clip perfectly, creating a hilarious and tantalizing ad and even succeeding at making an animated bald man look pretty damn hot. Guys -next time you want a little action, take a note from Mr. Clean’s playbook and grab a mop!

6. Bai Super Bowl Commercial – “BaiBaiBai”

Now we know why Justin Timberlake was labeled the Chief “Flavors” Officer at Bai Beverages. Clearly, the man has good taste in commercial creative. The antioxidant beverages brand called on the Pop star to work with their in-house team to create the brand’s hilarious 30-second Super Bowl ad. Listen closely, and you might be able to recognize the famous lyrics of 90s Pop hit “#BaiBaiBai” being satirically recited by Acadamy award-winner, Christopher Walken.

7. The Battle of Evony Super Bowl Commercial – “The Kings Return”

Top Games, the company behind The Battle of Evony, produced this epic commercial all on their own. It was their first go around at the Super Bowl ad field and they rose straight to the top – much like the leaders they portrayed in this stunning ad. Reminiscent of Game of Thrones, the beautiful cinematography and fabulous storytelling made for an indisputably memorable clip. In fact, we almost forgot it was nothing more than an ad for a mobile gaming ap.  The Battle of Evony Super Bowl ad paid homage to leaders like George Washington, King Arthur and Empress Wu Zetian before letting us know that we, too, could find ourselves atop a throne of our own!

8. Kia Super Bowl Commercial – “Hero’s Journey”

Like Budweiser, Kia is sending a truly heroic – and timely – message in their Super Bowl ad for the Kia Niro hybrid. Melissa McCarthy makes a brave effort to save the planet; from saving the whales to preventing the polar ice caps from melting and stopping deforestation. Despite McCarthy’s good will she always manages to find herself in a rather uncompromising situation! Kia makes light of the topic in a hilarious ad set to the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero.”

9. Airbnb Super Bowl Commercial – “We Accept”

Airbnb came out with a surprise Super Bowl commercial that no one saw coming. And they came with a message to spread: AirBnB is about acceptance and love, no matter where you come from. “We all belong,” they said. The ad joins the list of politically charged commercials this Super Bowl season. Like Budweiser and Coca-Cola, Airbnb chose to celebrate multiculturalism in their Super Bowl ad. And they didn’t even plug their own brand. With the exception of their tiny logo, their brand was absent from the ad.

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