Previous Avocados From Mexico Campaigns

Avocados from Mexico made its second appearance in the Super Bowl last year with a strange 30-second ad that aired during the first commercial break after kickoff. The clip played on the company’s “Always There” campaign, highlighting the fact that come rain or shine, ski season or beach weather, avocados are available.

Avocados, Scott Baio and a Rubik’s Cube. Huh?

The avocado brand’s commercial was a bit off the wall. Starring Scott Baio, best known as Chachi Arcola from Happy Days, a Rubik’s Cube and some futuristic aliens, it certainly caught our eye.

You can see the 2016 Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl commercial yourself and decide if it makes you crave those green, creamy fruits.

If not, maybe their 2015 Super Bowl ad will do the trick?

The Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl XLIX commercial was quite clever! In fact, it ranked 23 out of 61 ads on USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter and starred both Jerry Rice and Doug Floutie. The ad offered a glimpse of “the first draft ever.”  Their debut Super Bowl performance, it aired at the end of the first quarter.

The ad was considered a wild success and believe it or not, consumption of the brand’s own avocados saw a remarkable increase of 35 percent. (The previous year’s increase had been just 10%.)