Avocados From Mexico Commercial 2017

Following the success of their previous Avocado commercials in the last two Super Bowls,  Avocados from Mexico has announced their plans to shine once again in a 30-second spot in Super Bowl LI. After all, nothing is more quintessentially Super Bowl than a health food ad, right? Well – not exactly, but since avocados are more fattening than their fruit and veggie compatriots, we’ll let it slide. Admittedly, most of us like to dive into a big ol’ bowl of guacamole on Game Day.

This year, Avocados from Mexico will use their airtime to highlight the nutritional value of avocados, reminding millions of semi-intoxicated viewers that there is a difference between the BAD FAT in their chips and the GOOD FAT in their guac.

But will it be as funny as their 2015 Super Bowl commercial? We hope so!

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