Audi Commercial 2017

After a killer performance last year, Audi is revving their engines for a repeat performance in Super Bowl LI. They have announced that they are pulling into the auto race alongside advertisers Kia and Honda to compete for the attention and love of the American public. They haven’t told us how many previous seconds of airtime were purchased, but we do know that Venables Bell & Partners will again be taking care of the creative.

Owned by Volkswagen, the German automaker bought a 60-second ad last year in honor of Super Bowl 50. The Audi 2016 Super Bowl commercial was called “The Commander” and it was undoubtedly one of the best Super Bowl commercials of the year.

Here’s the full 2016 Audi ad:

Super Bowl ads experience

Pros (This is their 9th year)

Ad Agency

Venables Bell & Partners

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